• Landover Hills

    On Halloween night, a child fails to return home from trick-or-treating. The child’s mask and one shoe are found by police, but a body is never located.

  • Greenbelt

    A woman is walking her dog along a wooded path, when the dog starts barking and pulling on the leash. The dog leads her into the woods and stops at what first appears to be the remains of a large animal. The woman then notices a wristwatch among the remains.

  • Bowie

    A Boy Scout troop is canoeing near Cry Baby Bridge when they spot a body on the stream bank. The body had been dismembered and was badly decomposed. The Prince George's County medical examiner was unable to determine a cause of death, but assumed an attack by a large animal.

  • Largo

    A car is reported abandoned in a ditch near the Largo-Lottsford Park; when police arrive, they find the body of a man inside. The autopsy lists the cause of death as massive blood loss due to deep facial lacerations. A piece of the victim's shoulder is also missing; the autopsy reported bite marks around the wound.

  • Mitchellville

    A 12-year-old boy disappears while riding his bicycle near a local auto body shop. He is last seen by his father, an employee at the shop, who notifies police when the boy does not return home. Police later find the bicycle in the woods, but there is no sign of the boy.