• Huntington

    A young couple on Zug Road observed a peculiar creature staring at them from the edge of the woods. The woman described a "tall, ragged animal with human-like features."

  • Huntington

    A farmer near Fletchertown Road in Huntington, Maryland reported seeing a large, man-like creature eating the remains of a pig. When the farmer approached the scene, the creature ran off.

  • Woodmore

    A landscaper at the Woodmore Country Club finds unidentified remains on the golf course, near Lottsford Road. While attempting to dispose of them, he hears a low growl, looks up, and sees a large, unknown animal.

  • Glenndale

    Police respond to a report of teenagers making noise in a building at the old Glenndale Hospital site. While investigating, the officer hears unintelligible sounds, but is unable to locate their source.

  • Magruder Park

    During a birthday party at a local park, a boy runs into the woods after a ball. Moments later, he screams, and when adults arrive, they find him visibly shaken. The boy tells his mother, “It was the dark thing with the red eyes who stands in the corner of my room at night.”

  • Bowie

    A group of teenagers are drinking at a popular local hangout when they notice something moving in the weeds nearby. Two of the teens go to investigate and describe seeing a tall, human-like animal running into the forest.

  • Glenarden

    A camera crew for WRC-TV is on location to cover a local golf tournament when they notice a strange animal moving in the trees nearby. The cameraman manages to capture a few seconds of video before the animal disappears.