Incident reopens case of the ‘GoatMan’

Disappearance of local teen is at heart of decades-long urban legend

What some have called the GoatMan Saga continues as a group of Paranormal Investigators known as MIPCE (Maryland Investigators of Paranormal and Crytozoological Entities) have obtained permission to investigate a house that they believe to have once been the estate of Dr. Stephen Fletcher, the infamous scientist who allegedly created the Maryland GoatMan. MIPCE became aware of the property after the parents of a teenage girl, Rebecca Lotts, whose disappearance made headlines in December of 2010, contacted them asking for any help in finding their daughter.

Rebecca was a bright young girl who was in her junior year in high school. She produced a video blog series on the internet called The Lotts Inquiry, and it was very popular with over one million views during each episode. Rebecca would venture into old, abandoned buildings and dark, wooded areas looking for the unknown or unexplained. Her parents encouraged her efforts, as they thought she just might make a name for herself in the world wide information age like so many others these days have begun to do. She studied and researched everything from ghosts and paranormal activity to cults and cryptids.

Rebecca’s latest investigation revolved around the urban legend known as The GoatMan of Prince George’s County. After months of research into the legend, she stumbled upon some information which led her to believe that she had discovered the actual place where the GoatMan had been created.

goatman house

According to records filed with the M-NCPPC (Maryland-National Capital Parks and Planning Commission), and a Freedom of Information Act request, she discovered that the property, now owned by the government, used to belong to a doctor by the name of Stephen Fletcher.

After months of investigating her disappearance and searching the property and immediate area, the local authorities turned up nothing about Rebecca’s location, so her parents contacted MIPCE in hopes that they might be able to do a better job at finding their daughter.

Upon taking the case, the directors of MIPCE obtained permission to search and perform a paranormal investigation on the estate from the M-NCPPC, which currently owns the property. MIPCE did a preliminary review of the site at the guidance of a paranormal

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medium. After a complete review of the property, the medium was convinced that Rebecca was still alive, but meta-physically trapped somewhere in the dark recesses of the house. She suggested to MIPCE an unorthodox method to find the missing teen: she insisted that the key to finding Rebecca was to perform a massive paranormal investigation. This would require MIPCE opening the Fletcher manor to the general public and having them tour the property as part of the paranormal investigation team. The medium is convinced that this will definitely help contact the spirits needed to locate Rebecca in the netherworld and bring her home to her family once and for all.

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